Mudmashers 4Wheel Drive Club        


Food Item Donated/Needed

1) Macaroni- Matt and Traci
2) Potato- Doug and Bekki
3) Fruit- Donated by CL Produce
4) Green House- Doug and Bekki
5) Ceaser-
6) Pasta Salad- Omar and Steph- BOWTIE Pasta Salad
7) Other-
Bag #1- Doug &Bekki
Bag #2- Omar & Steph
Bag #3- Omar & Steph
Bag #4- Jaime & Patrick
Bag #5- Matt & Traci
Bag #6- Ryan & Bryn
Bag #7- Ryan & Bryn
Bag #8-
Bag #9-

Hotdog Buns:
32 count #1- Donated By Costco
32 count #2- Donated By Costco

Hamburger Buns:
32 count #1- Donated By Costco
32 count #2- Donated By Costco

Sides:(Deviled Eggs, 7 Layer Dip, Spinach Dip, Salsa, Hummus, Swedish Meatballs, Guacamole, Cheese Dip, Finger Foods, Taquitos, Poppers, Egg Rolls...Etc)
Side #1- Pasta and Homemade Salsa -Marco
Side #2- Veggie Platter - Donated by CL Produce
Side #3- Main dish - Sandy Marglon (Anonomom)
Side #4-
Side #5-
Side #6-
Side #7-
Side #8-
Side #9-
Side #10-

Dessert: (Cookies, Brownies, Cake, Etc)
Item #1)- Brownies - Doug and Bekki
Item #2)- Cupcakes - Lisa and Patrick
Item #3)- Cookies - Jaime & Patrick
Item #4)- Misc Dessert - Ryan & Bryn
Item #5)-

Ketchup- Donated By Lucky's
Mustard- Donated By Lucky's
American Cheese/Pepper Jack- Donated by Pacific Cheese
Pickles- Donated By Lucky's
Relish- Donated By Lucky's
Onions- Donated By  CL Produce
Tomatoes-Donated ByCL Produce
Sauerkraut- Donated By Lucky's
Lettuce- Donated by CL Produce

Water-- Donated by Fastenal
Ice- Donated by Buzz Schmidt
Sodas- Donated by Safeway and Shasta 
Napkins, Forks, Plates- Donated by Taco Bell
Chicken, Hot Dogs, Burgers-  Donated by Jim Marglon

Please leave a comment below for what you would like to bring. We will update the list accordingly.


  1. Linda, I would love it if you made your famous jalepeno poppers!!!!

  2. I'll bring pasta and homemade salsa (homegrown tomatoes and jalapenos!)

  3. We'll do # 6 Other on Salad!
    Bowtie Pasta Salad...Sorry Marco

  4. Items being donated by CL Produce: Tomatoes, Lettuce, Onions for burgers; Lettuce and other veggies for green salad; veggies for veggie platter; fruit salads.

    I'll make cupcakes. Not sure yet what else we will bring :)

  5. I will bring my moms chili and make my famous salsa

  6. ryan and i can bring the last two bags of chips and another dessert. i'd offer to bring a big tub of potato salad or a giant bag of rolls, but our costco membership just expired. boo.

  7. I'll bring a main dish